How Big Tech uses propaganda methods to control your thoughts

How Big Tech uses propaganda methods to control your thoughts

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Google News has themed sections, such as “Science”.

This is a non-traditional grouping that focuses your attention on “hot topics” du jour, which are also associated with extensive policy promotions, especially in the Environment and Wildlife categories.

Science Mirror uses this graphic to illustrate the typical way of organizing science subgroups:

Wikipedia divides these categories up as follows:

Google has chosen very non-standard sub groupings. By doing this, Google News steers your attention to specific topics – rather than a broad assortment of issues in overall science.

Did Google select these topics because they want to influence your attention and thinking? Time spent reading about “Environment” or “Wildlife” is time not spent reading about statistics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, psychology, sociology and biochemistry.

Think about that for a bit. Google is using Google News in ways that steer your attention to topics that Google thinks is important – not to topics that may be important to you. In this way, Google News may be operating as a propaganda conduit. We have no way to know what they are doing or why. Their traditional explanation is to say “it is due to algorithms”, neglecting to note that they write the algorithms.

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