This social media poster is highly likely to be false

This social media poster is highly likely to be false

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Because it takes time – up to a year – to collect and verify death data, social media propaganda posters like this are virtually certain to be false. Indeed, there is no official tally of deaths up through November as I write this in mid-December. I call this FALSE:

In the past week, my state revised its death counts for Covid-related deaths, making revisions all the way back to May of 2020 as new data became available.

At the end of each month, my state releases a summary of death reports up through two months prior. At the end of December, they will release the October estimate. Nearly every monthly total back to the start of the year will show revisions as new data arrived at state offices. Those changes will also be forwarded on to the CDC.

Consequently, any social media poster, like this one, claiming an exact number of deaths as of November 16th is bogus.

Earlier in the year, some took early death counts and extrapolated to the full year. They ignored that tens of thousands of deaths had not yet been collected by the CDC and extrapolating incomplete data produced incorrect estimates for the year.

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