Social media shuts down Trump

Social media shuts down Trump

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Following Trump’s support for insurrectionists this past week,

Few of the “protests”/”violent acts”/”insurrection” would have occurred in 2020 or January 2021 without the support of social media – which are primarily platforms for the frictionless spread of propaganda messaging.

As many noted, many of the insurrectionists who attacked the U.S. Capitol were video recording their participation for posting on social media. Almost as if the purpose of the attack was to gather video clips for social media…

Indeed, social media was used as the primary method to organize this attack.

Social media is the driver of the breakdown of society. 

Update: Some are concerned that tech’s ban on Trump affiliated posts and groups could further enrage those who were already in the camp of perpetual outrage.

Update: With many very angry at Trump’s insanity, it is understandable why he was booted to offline status. But a related question: Will these actions by social media billionaires now be rewarded by the party in power, such as no longer considering changes to Section 230? Congress to expand H-1B visas? It is not a stretch to think that the tech titans will be rewarded for their actions.



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