Powell’s Books: Our [Non] Commitment to Free Speech

Powell’s Books: Our [Non] Commitment to Free Speech

Powell’s Book is an enormous book store just north of downtown Portland. They describe themselves as the world’s largest independent book store. Have been there many times – it is so big that it is a tourist destination unto itself.

Antifa activists protested outside the store over the store’s carrying of a book by Angy Ngo, titled Unmasked. The book is described as a deep dive into what Antifa is, who it is, and what they are doing.

After the protest, Powell’s announced it will not carry the book in its store.

This is known as the “Heckler’s veto”. Anyone who screams or threatens loudly enough chooses what books will be sold. The book has not yet been published so no one knows exactly what is inside the covers, but it is already being suppressed.

We have Facebook, Twitter and Youtube controlling what speech is permitted on their platforms -now we have the world’s largest independent bookstore restricting access to books. Sounds a lot like George Orwell’s 1984, doesn’t it?

This sounds much lot like fascism, which today refers to the use of authoritarian measures to suppress freedom, support oppression and intolerance of others. Hence, the anti-fascists have turned into the fascists. Crazy.

Source: Our Commitment to Free Speech

This of course may have the Streisand Effect – garnering publicity that results in increased sales of the book. I was not aware of the book.

This is an Amazon affiliate link. If used to purchase the book, I may receive a small percent of the price as a sales commission. Note – I have not read the book since it is not yet published – so I cannot say it is good or bad.

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