The phoniness of social media influencers

The phoniness of social media influencers

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In what will come as a shock to no one, a good deal of what you see online isn’t real. That’s especially true when it comes to social media influencers, who create idealized—and desirable—personas on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and then use their clout to hawk products for their own personal benefit. They’re the 21st century equivalent of paid infomercial actors and hosts, and their blather is about as trustworthy as anything else you hear from a corporation that’s trying to sell you the latest, greatest whatever that’ll help you win friends and influence people—not to mention increase your follower count.

Source: ‘Shook’ Is a Horror Movie Targeting the Ugliness of Social Media Influencer Culture

There are entire genres of these people who plead with you to send them cash on Patreon.

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