NBC Accused of Hyping Covid-19 news

NBC Accused of Hyping Covid-19 news

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It is not just NBC:

NBC News is being accused of scaremongering after publishing a story over the weekend highlighting four people in Oregon who ended up testing positive for COVID-19 even after receiving two doses of vaccine…..

By framing its story around the four positive tests rather than on the declining number of cases in Oregon, critics worry the NBC story could mislead people into believing the vaccines aren’t effective and discourage people from getting vaccinated.

Source: NBC Accused of Hyping Cases of People Who Contracted COVID-19 Despite Vaccinations

Having tracked the data in my state since about April 1, 2020, and done much of my own analysis, I learned to never trust either epidemiologists or the media. Both have worked hard to be misleading.

All 4 cases were basically very mild or no symptoms, which is to expected. That’s how vaccines and the immune system work.

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