Another neat propaganda technique

Another neat propaganda technique

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Can you spot what they did here?

It found that to date, the United States, the European Union, Britain, Australia, Canada and Japan have already secured more than 3 billion doses – over a billion more than the 2.06 billion needed to give their entire populations two doses.

Source: Rich Nations Stockpiling a Billion More COVID-19 Shots Than Needed: Report | World News | US News

A “report” by an advocacy group opposes “vaccine nationalism” and says we need “a massive course correction” on vaccine distribution by redirecting “excess rich-country doses” to “poorer countries”.

So what did they do here?

The lumped the U.S. – which did not order an excess supply – in with major countries and regions that did, in fact, order far more doses than they needed.

Until a month ago, the U.S. only had sufficient doses for half of its population by mid-year, and even now, only has doses available for just under the nation’s full population by August.

Meanwhile, Canada placed orders for 5x more doses than it has population! Many other countries did that too. They did this because until late 2020, no one knew which vaccines might be approved. Fortunately, almost all of vaccines have been approved – which means there will be surpluses for those who ordered them.

But the U.S. had not done that.

But – from the standpoint of advocacy groups – it is important to lump the U.S. into the “evil rich country” grouping as it strengthens their argument that the U.S. should donate doses to less rich countries.

My guess is: With EU countries announcing they will donate 5% or more of their truly excess doses by mid year, and with Russia and China shipping their approved vaccines to less rich countries already, that the U.S. will be under tremendous pressure to re-allocate 5% of its insufficient doses by mid 2021, and another 5% in the 2nd half of 2021.

Since one-third of U.S. adults will not yet have been eligible for vaccination, the “cover story” will be that we are (and probably really are) reaching a natural state of pandemic population immunity, and hence, plummeting numbers of new cases. With new cases in sharp decline, the U.S. will announce it is okay to further delay the remainder of the population so it can donate doses to less rich countries. This will be promoted by the vaccine privileged elite – who will have already been vaccinated because they wish to signal their virtuousness by donating your future doses elsewhere – and at no risk to themselves as they already have vaccine privilege.

A drawback to many of us is that vaccine privilege is real as vaccine passports go live. Israel announced that as of now, those without vaccine passports cannot use hotels, gyms and theaters. Hawaii has announced a vaccine passport for “essential” workers starting March 1st, and for all travelers by May 1st; with the passport, you can skip the 10-day quarantine on arrival. Iceland, Hungary, and others already have these measures in place.

The problem is that those who remain ineligible for vaccination for a long time yet will become 2nd class citizens, unable to participate in life.

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