AP Fantasizes – “It sounded so ambitious” 

AP Fantasizes – “It sounded so ambitious” 

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It sounded so ambitious at first blush: 100 million vaccination shots in 100 days.

Source: Beyond 100M: Biden team aiming for bigger vaccine numbers

Starting last fall, I wrote a lot about how many people needed to be vaccinated per day. Biden’s goal was to provide complete vaccination of just 50 million people (2 doses per person) in 100 days – or 1 million shots per day.

Not even close to ambitious. It was, in fact, what was already baked into Trump’s lame vaccination program.

From the beginning Trump should have targeted 2-3 million doses per day, 7 days per week, but his Administration failed to do so. By summer time, the US may be taking delivery on 4.7 million does PER DAY – but does not yet have a plan to administer that many doses per day.

I have numerous posts on this topic here. At one point, Trump’s head of Operation Warp Speed fantasized about having 100 million doses delivered by the end of February.

Biden stepped up and committed to “100 million doses” (50 million people) in his first 100 days.  Good to articulate that in a simple message but it was inadequate and what the U.S. was already expecting to do.

For this “news report”, the AP turned into a fan boy and not a news service. This was not ambitious at all.

That said, since then Biden has done a lot of things right – including securing far more doses from manufacturers, earlier in the year, and has correctly identified the bottleneck being the logistics of distribution and getting shots into people.

My comment here is not about Trump or Biden – but about crappy reporting by the Associated Press. That goal was only ambitious (an opinion, not a fact) to the AP reporters who had never done the simple math to figure this out.

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