Poorly done propaganda using WYSIATI cherry picking: Al Jazeera gets an F on this one

Poorly done propaganda using WYSIATI cherry picking: Al Jazeera gets an F on this one

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The botched COVID-19 vaccination campaign is a great illustration of why our current capitalist system does not work.

Source: What the vaccine debacle tells us about predatory capitalism | Coronavirus pandemic News | Al Jazeera

The author is a professor of philosophy at Sofia University, and is a member of the “New Left Perspectives collective”, and the “Collective for Social Interventions” , which is part of the Social Center Xaspel, which describes itself as against the “neoliberal capitalist model

He says capitalism is a failure and that only government can deliver the innovation necessary to deliver vaccines for Covid-19.

Al Jazeera fails to disclose critical background and context – the author is a socialist who is opposed to capitalism – turning this into propaganda and not a legitimate analysis of the issues.

This approach to reporting is used frequently by main stream media outlets. They cherry pick which commentators, sometimes several, to present an appearance of a unified perspective. They leave out all contextual background and opposing viewpoints.

In news stories, they cherry pick “experts” to get unified quotes presenting an appearance of consensus and non-partiality. This works because most people are unaware of these handcrafted propaganda messaging techniques. This is also known as the “”What you see is all there is” (WYSIATI) method. By carefully crafting the specific information you receive – and deliberately leaving out alternative information – you are persuaded to adopt their perspective.


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