How lazy reporting can influence your thinking

How lazy reporting can influence your thinking

This is not propaganda, per se, just laziness.

The web page contains this graphic tracking Covid-19 cases and deaths.

Not the shape of the curve for the U.S. Cases still really high. Deaths still really high.

If you click on the country name, you see a completely different graphic. New cases have plunged and deaths have dropped by 1/3d. Neither of those trends is captured in the thumbnail image on the front page of their web site.

This is probably not deliberate – just laziness. Someone, at some point in the past, created a graphic image of the curve as it was perhaps 7 weeks ago. And that thumbnail has stayed ever since.

Unfortunately, we know that the majority of readers only read “headlines” and not the underlying story. The same is possibly true for graphic elements like this. The effect is that many people will only see the date graphic and not realize that the situation – now – is far better than the graphic suggests.

This is just laziness, not nefarious.

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