When is something a “Crisis”?

When is something a “Crisis”?

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Crisis is a word used frequently by activists and media (often activists too!). In fact, the is very much over used as essentially everything is labeled a “crisis”.

I have no idea if the border situation is a “crisis” – but when the AP tells reporters not to use the “crisis” word we have to wonder if this is propagandizing, especially since the media generally loves to use the emotional laden word “crisis”.

I’ve written posts about the overuse of “crisis” in the past.

The Associated Press agrees with President Biden’s White House that the situation along the U.S. southern border is not a “crisis,” and it instructed staffers not to use the dreaded c-word when reporting thousands of unaccompanied children have attempted to enter the country.

Source: Associated Press warns staffers not to call influx at southern border a ‘crisis’ in internal memo | Fox News

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