“Global heating?”

“Global heating?”

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Source: Climate talks will test Biden’s pledge to make global heating a priority | Joe Biden | The Guardian

Not content to report the news, The Guardian acts as a propaganda operation through manipulation of language.

Rather than refer to “climate change”, The Guardian advocated using more infllammatory language and invented the terms “climate crisis” and “global heating” – terms that do not appear in the IPCC science reports.

The Guardian is intentionally messing with your head – this is the work of propagandists, not news reporter and is a popular technique to manufacture consent – once your control language itself, you have persuasion power in your hands.

This type of news reporting could seriously backfire. Many are concerned about rising CO2 levels and are taking actions to reduce personal carbon foot prints. But deliberate misrepresentation and the use of inflammatory language may become a turn off – and literally cause people to walk away from climate efforts.



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