Climate scientists tried to censor film by director Michael Moore

Climate scientists tried to censor film by director Michael Moore

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Michael Moore’s film Planet of the Humans questions much of the “common wisdom” about solar power, wind energy and so forth, and argues that renewable energy has its own issues.

Leading climate scientists sought to have the film censored from public viewing, which says more about climate science than it does about the film.

Last week, anti-hydrocarbon activist and documentary maker Josh Fox — along with Stanford professor Mark Jacobson, Penn State climatologist Michael Mann, and several others — succeeded in briefly getting Michael Moore’s new documentary, Planet of the Humans, taken off of a website owned by a group called Films for Action.

Fox’s censorship effort was cheered by Eric Holthaus, a meteorologist and journalist who tweeted “cheers to @joshfoxfilm and everyone who worked hard and quickly to make sure this dangerous film was retracted.”

Source: Stanford Prof. Can’t Muzzle ‘Planet Of The Humans,’ Must Pay Defendants’ Legal Fees In SLAPP Suit

The film was previously available for viewing on Youtube, but is now marked “private”. The film appears to be available elsewhere now as a pay-per-view showing.

It is sad that the answer to speech we do not like is now censorship, rather than the traditional view of responding with more speech. I just read, for example, that Twitter censored tweets about a mainstream media report about Hunter Biden’s laptop last fall – a story that has since been shown to be true. Youtube has censored videos showing expert testimony in Congressional and state government presentations (literally, videos of the government hearings) about Covid-19, claiming the content did not agree with “Consensus viewpoints”.

Billioinaire titans now control public discourse.

Reminder – I power my own house with solar PV, heat with wood, and have a carbon foot print, per online carbon calculators, of less than 1/4th that of the typical U.S. home.

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