FALSE: Why 64% Of Americans Have Never Left the U.S.

FALSE: Why 64% Of Americans Have Never Left the U.S.

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The author of this piece lacks critical thinking skills:

According to the State Department, there are 113,431,943 valid passports in circulation, which means 36% of Americans own a valid passport (and therefore 64% do not). Let’s assume that those with a valid passport have used it and those without have never been abroad — that means that a healthy majority of the population has never left the United States.

Source: Why 64% Of Americans Have Never Left the U.S.

Do you spot the obvious problem?

If you are 93 years old, retired, and live in a retirement apartment – but fought in WW II, had a career in international business, working abroad and visited 35 countries – but let your passport expire because of your age and health – you count in the 64% this author says have not traveled.

Many people who have traveled in the past, let passports expire. This is normal. But that does not erase their past travel!

Recently I saw a different figure that 60% of Americans have traveled abroad at least once in life (Canada and Mexico included in that list but excluding day trips to those countries). Yet fewer than half (at that time) were holding a valid US passport. Those numbers are not in disagreement: Again, many who previously traveled abroad do not now have a current passport.

Thus the entire thesis of the linked article is fake, based on a faulty premise.

I ran across this while looking up data on international travel and was stunned to see the logical fallacy used by the author of this piece.

In 2019, about 1 in 3 Americans traveled outside the United States.

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