When billionaires control our public discourse

When billionaires control our public discourse

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The following is about some issues with the pandemic and how experts who questioned the status quo were silenced by social media billionaires.

With the lockdown failures increasingly clear, attacks and censorship have increased rather than decreased: Google-owned YouTube censored a video from a roundtable with Florida governor Ron DeSantis, where my colleagues and I stated that children do not need to wear masks; Facebook closed the GBD account when we posted a pro-vaccine message arguing that older people should be prioritised for vaccination; Twitter censored a post when I said that children and those already infected do not need to be vaccinated; and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) removed me from a vaccine-safety working group when I argued that the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine should not be withheld from older Americans.

Twitter even locked my account….

I regard Facebook, Twitter and Google as a danger to the world. Here, they censored experts and canceled them. Today, much of the text that these billionaires censored is accepted.

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, in particular, have recklessly endangered the public by censoring speech over issues that are merely ideas – ideas that must be discussed if we are to advance.

Not one person at Facebook, Twitter or Google has the knowledge to know all truths.

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