Co-founder of Wikipedia alleges the online encyclopedia has become “one-sided”

Co-founder of Wikipedia alleges the online encyclopedia has become “one-sided”

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I do not use Wikipedia much and do not have a stake in this debate: Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever – Larry Sanger Blog

The author is a co-founder of Wikipedia and, in his view, Wikipedia has become one-sided, to the point of censoring contradictory perspectives.

Rather than presenting multiple perspectives – particularly when there is much uncertainty – Wikipedia content encourages the reader to adopt a particular perspective, he says.

Rather than let you see a full range of relevant information from which you can make your own determination, Wikipedia articles appear to use the “What You See Is All There Is” method of propaganda messaging. If all you know is (a potentially biased) perspective, then you will adopt that perspective.

Wikipedia’s articles are then sometimes used by “fact checkers” to justify censorship of other perspectives on social media.

Wikipedia underwent a period where U.K. scientist William Connolley edited over 5,000 articles on climate topics, deleted about 500, and banned thousands of contributors from posting on Wikipedia – asserting his view on climate was correct and their views were wrong. (He is a graduate trained mathematician who develops embedded software for software for Cambridge Silicon Radio. For many years he also did science software for the British Antarctic Survey).

In 2009, he was banned from Wikipedia for six months, and banned from contributing to climate change articles for a year (none of this mentioned in the Wikipedia article on William Connolley).

There are numerous examples of PR firms, the staff of politician’s, government agencies including the CIA and FBI, and others, rewriting content on behalf of their clients and employers.

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