Should a “Confederate flag” be banned as part of a historical parade float?

Should a “Confederate flag” be banned as part of a historical parade float?

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A local 4th of July parade featured many floats from a group that was attempting to display historical eras in the U.S. One of their floats was awarded a first-place prize.

But one of the floats, with participants wearing Civil War era clothing in recognition of the U.S. Civil War had a “Confederate flag”. The person in charge of the float is described as U.S. Civil War historian.

Some parade viewers said display of this flag was wrong and it should not be permitted. Next year, it will not be permitted, said parade organizers.

Others say we cannot rewrite past history – while some advocate doing just that.

Source: Redmond Chamber to review future Fourth floats in wake of Confederate flag flap – KTVZ

Note – During the Civil War, multiple flags were used by the Confederacy. The flag often shown as a “Confederate flag” was one of them, and was adopted in the mid-20th century by white supremacist groups. The flag has some similarities, particularly in color and stripes, with the flag of Norway, which has resulted in a mixed race family flying a flag of Norway being told to remove that flag too. That happens because many people exist in a culture of perpetual outrage and actively seek out opportunities to be outraged – even when ridiculous.

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