Interesting media omission

Interesting media omission

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This CNN brief story does not mention that convicted felon Michael Avenatti appeared on CNN 122 times as an “expert” and approximately daily over one two month period in March-April 2018.

A federal judge sentenced celebrity lawyer turned criminal defendant Michael Avenatti to 30 months in prison for attempting to extort millions of dollars from Nike.

Source: Michael Avenatti sentenced to 30 months in prison for attempting to extort Nike – CNNPolitics

(This was true as of 12:55 pm PDT on this day. Update: Many hours later, the story has been updated but still no mention of Avenatti’s role at CNN.)

I also checked MSNBC, where Avenatti had appeared 108 times. There is no news about the sentencing of Avenatti but Trump is the focus of SEVEN stories in the top half of the main news page. I had to find a column of news headlines, way down the page on the left, then click on More, and then click on More a second time before finding a story about Avenatti. And no mention of his prominent role at MSNBC.

When news outlets engage in egregious censorship of facts that make themselves look bad, why should we trust anything they publish?

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