Twitter censorship

Twitter censorship

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Several days ago, I shared a funny Tweet from someone else – the tweet said that “The number of incorrect Neil Ferguson disease forecasts was doubling every 10 days”.

Neil Ferguson, Ph.D., is a hugely influential “epidemiologist” in Imperial College London. Having reviewed his model source code – its garbage – and reviewed his past projections – almost uniformly wrong sometimes by orders of magnitude – I found this tweet very funny.

Yesterday, I was reviewing my past tweets (I have very few) – and saw that Twitter now displayed a different tweet that I never linked to, followed by the odd statement that “This account no longer exists” (in fact, the account itself did exist).

This is a classic example of Twitter censorship – but worse. Not only did the Tweet I linked to disappear, Twitter substituted a tweet that I never linked to. In effect, Twitter was generating a false Tweet from me.

You need not think deeply about this to realize how useless this makes Twitter. Twitter is now using our likeness to generate fake content, while simultaneously censoring views – even satirical humor – to maintain the party line.

The effect is that Twitter is total garbage.

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