Bill Gates opposes democracy?

Bill Gates opposes democracy?

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This would be how democracy works – the voters choose:

We can’t fight climate change if U.S. climate policy changes every time a new political party takes over, said Gates.

Source: Bill Gates: Partisan politics hurts climate change fight in U.S.

The issue, then, is improved public communications on the subject, not to end democracy.

Of course, Bill Gates, like Elon Musk, is heavily invested in, and in control of businesses focused on delivering solutions and profiting from proposed government regulations on climate change.

And, in fact, in spite of government actions much is happening to remove carbon fuels. My house, for example, is solar PV powered. A year after we put this in, our neighbor across the street did the same for his home. We also upgraded our ceiling insulation to R-60 and installed 220 outlets (one in the garage and one outside) for future EV charging (we produce enough excess solar PV electricity to power an EV for all local trips). There are tons of things being done at amazing speed (Tesla vehicles, for example, and that most auto manufacturers have committed tens of billions to converting to EV or hydrogen fueled vehicles within just a few years).

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