Facebook Settles with U.S. government over discrimination against U.S. workers

Facebook Settles with U.S. government over discrimination against U.S. workers

Facebook is accused of reserving thousands of jobs for imported temporary H-1B visa workers, instead of hiring U.S. residents.

Facebook Inc. has reached a settlement with the U.S. government over allegations that it discriminated against domestic workers by reserving thousands of positions for foreigners with temporary H-1B visas.


Facebook effectively discouraged Americans from applying for certain positions in the Menlo Park, California-based company, saving those for foreign holders of H-1B visas, the Justice and Labor Department officials said during a briefing with reporters.

Source: Facebook (FB) Settles U.S. Claims It Reserved Jobs for Foreigners – Bloomberg

Bloomberg correctly notes that H-1B visas are not immigrant visas while Facebook responded by spinning this as a settlement so it can better pursue its immigration program (which is not related to temporary foreign worker visas like H-1B).

Many years ago, a law firm posted videos of their own lawyer’s talking at an HR conference about how not to hire American workers and comply with the law. Tech companies were instructed to advertise open positions in small town rural papers, where there were no likely candidates for their jobs – they could then legally claim they had sought American workers but none applied, so they would be justified in hiring foreign workers instead of U.S. residents.

That illustrates how the tech industry operates and what it thinks of you, if you are a resident of the U.S.

Facebook is accused of violating anti-monopoly laws, accused of fostering “division” (perpetual culture of outrage) with how it selects content for users to see, previously shared private data with Cambridge Analytica for the purpose of manipulating elections, and is also accused of enabling its ad system to select ad targets by age and race so that older workers or minorities never see the ads.

Facebook seems to lack a sense of ethical behavior and Mark Zuckerburg does not seem like someone anyone would want to trust.

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