Leaving Twitter

Leaving Twitter

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Twitter’s short posts result in far too many things being said, often quickly. Short posts tend to leave out important context, leading to misinterpretation.

Twitter brings out the worst in people who respond with anger, hate and nastiness, without, perhaps, counting to ten, and calming down.

Twitter seems to include a large number of people with extreme views and perspectives. Also a large number of people who do not know what they are talking about and are unwilling to consider information that contradicts their ideas. So they respond by being very mean.

Twitter does not foster conversations where we might learn something.

In short, Twitter is sort of a cesspool of emotion, fear laden content and nasty anger. There are some good things – there are some people whose commentary has been very helpful. But one must wade through 90+% irrelevant and/or nasty commentary to get there. Plus wade through plenty of things that are completely untrue.

With Twitter, I’ve made a habit of deleting past tweets, replies and Likes every 2 to 4 weeks. Today I thought, why not just delete everything? So I did.

The half life of a Tweet is said to be about 15 minutes. That is, half of all views of the tweet may occur within 15 minutes of posting. After a day or so, the tweet is mostly invisible – except for someone that wants to troll through old tweets to play “gotcha”! Keeping old tweets online seems to have far more risk than benefit.

I am going to stay away from Twitter for a while – and perhaps the longer I stay away, the less likely I will be to return.

Am looking into changing my relationship to social media, again. I want to spend more time on some positive things – and Twitter is not exactly the fountain of positivity!

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