CNN dug its own grave

CNN dug its own grave

TV news is not news – it is entertainment:

But the larger question concerns to what extent US cable news has handed over its most viewed, and therefore profitable, hours over to political commentary. Once that was an issue that largely affected rightwing Fox News. Then left-leaning MSNBC. Now supposedly mainstream channels like CNN are at it.

Source: CNN mess over Cuomo shows dangers of news-as-entertainment

It is now all emotionally laden, exaggerated opinion, 24 x 7. CNN has dug its own credibility grave.

Their goal is selling eyeballs to advertisers. They know that emotionally laden content works best for sharing on social media and subsequent online commentary. They know that negativity and divisiveness are their currency. U.S. media has, for many years, morphed into garbage that inflames the public and causes excess discord in society. U.S. media is not good for anyone’s mental health and serves little purpose beyond making people angry.

Fox, MSNBC and CNN are garbage. CNN has had a long history of on-air personalities who turned out to be rotten – think Michael Avenatti in recent years, now Chris Cuomo. And more.

News is just opinion blogging with a large blog.

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