Why no one believes public health any more

Why no one believes public health any more

This Doctor is using a log scale for the Y-Axis to make it look like hospitalizations and ICU patient counts are directly tracking “cases”. In the real world, hospitalizations and ICU bed counts no longer show a linear correlation – because with Omicron, they are 1/10th the level of before. This is good news.

But the separation does not look scary enough. So let’s use a log scale instead of a linear scale as has been done on all prior charts!

But public health works to create a negative spin, presenting the gloomiest perspective; there is never a message of hope. The result is #masspsychosis sweeping the nation.

Furthermore, his erroneous chart leads to the logical conclusion that vaccines do not work, when in fact, they do. This is a public health communications disaster.

Pro tip! Remember to do this for you own data series when you want to create a scary correlation when there really isn’t one!

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