Fake news service NPR bombs its own report

Fake news service NPR bombs its own report

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This fake news report received extremely wide coverage by all media.

NY Times, 1 day later:


NPR has still not corrected their false report.

All justices are triple vaccinated, and all justices are tested for Covid before any meetings.

But – obviously vaccines and tests don’t work – only surgical masks work to stop the spread of Covid-19.

During the hearing, Sotomayer made the astonishingly false claim that over 100,000 children were currently hospitalized with Covid. Actual number was less than 5,000 and some experts many, perhaps a majority, were hospitalized for other reasons, and Covid was detected only because all hospital patients are tested. Covid was not the reason they were in the hospital.

At this rate, we will be wearing masks and getting our 19th booster shot by the end of this decade. If we even live that long. Covid will kill us all before then. Obviously.

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