Manipulating you with charts!

Manipulating you with charts!

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Chart graphics have long been used to manipulate the public. Sometimes they are based on accurate data, and sometimes they even show the accurate data, accurately!

But to a propagandist, a chart is merely a tool with which to influence the public to adopt your agenda.

This week, the White House released a chart on social media showing economic growth since the pandemic policies crashed the economy in March of 2020.

Can you spot the problem?

Look carefully at the Y-Axis. Notice how it goes from -4.0 to +5.0 in increments of 1.0. But magically at 5.0, the same size jump goes to 5.5, and then 6.0.  This bizarre Y-axis makes the bar, a right, taller than it should be – for dramatic effect. And they did not even need to do that to make their point.

When the Y-Axis is magically changed to make one bar appear visually taller than it really is, this is manipulative propaganda messaging.

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