Miami Herald advocates for censorship

Miami Herald advocates for censorship

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Can journalism stoop any lower? Yes.

Source: Influential singers remove their music from Spotify | Miami Herald

They editorialize in support, basically, of censorship. Rather than respond to disagreeable speech with more speech, the “journalists” at Miami Herald advocate for de-platforming those whose speech is disagreeable.

Who gets to be the censor? Each of us can choose what we read, or not, and what we believe, or not.

But under the professional journalists view, expert elites like them should choose what you read or see. They get to be censors, controlling public thought.

Who thought journalists would think 1984 was a “how to” guide?

A lot of this advocacy of censorship is just being afraid of competitors. Podcasts, blogs, social media all represent threats to the hegemony of national corporate media. Years ago it was estimated that just six large corporations’ control about 80% of all media outlets – newspapers, cable TV channels and local TV stations. The Internet is threatening to them because it lowers barriers to publishing and broadcasting.

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