Study finds massive censorship of Covid-related information, by social media companies

Study finds massive censorship of Covid-related information, by social media companies

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CensorTrack is an MRC database designed to show the proof of the extent of Big Tech censorship. The database team has logged 3,318 overall cases of censorship on multiple Big Tech platforms concerning a myriad of issues such as elections, COVID-19, climate change and race. Each CensorTrack entry includes a written report backed up by internal records and documentation proving censorship.

The worst case of documented COVID-19 censorship came from Facebook. The platform deleted the Great Barrington Declaration’s account page. Prominent international disease experts developed the declaration to oppose harsh COVID-19 lockdowns imposed on citizens by many world governments, measures that were shown to have had “little to no effect” on COVID-19 mortality, according to a Johns Hopkins University study.

Facebook didn’t stop with the Great Barrington Declaration. The platform also went after the British Medical Journal for accusing a company contracted by vaccine producer Pfizer of engaging in practices that undermined “data integrity” related to the company’s vaccine trials.

Source: STUDY: CensorTrack Documents Over 800 Cases of Big Tech Censoring COVID-19 Debate | CensorTrack

Social media censorship is disturbing and has, in fact, mislabeled things as “misinformation” when, months to years later, that “misinformation” now appears to be true.

When BigTech acts as a government censor via proxy, skeptical inquiry and learning cannot proceed.

I discontinued using my main Twitter account in early January and deleted my remaining content there (I routinely deleted posts 2-4 weeks old so there was not much to delete).

I had a second account that had been idle, but I used for a bit. This past week, I decided to delete that account.

I will keep my original account primarily to search and track items in “real time” when incidents occur. But not to post much anymore.

Twitter is sort of a dystopian world of angry people. I am thinking that while many people on Twitter are definitely not stupid, unfortunately, all stupid people are on Twitter which creates a warped noise-to-signal ratio (meaning, mostly noise).

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, I deleted almost all past content on Facebook. I now post one item every few months, just to let friends know I am still alive. Most of my FB friends are seldom posting new content anymore – each time I log in, my “newsfeed” shows me posts I have already seen.

I suspect we have passed “peak social media” and social media users have gone on to other things (not just TikTok).

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