The Unexpected Return of ‘Duck and Cover’ 

The Unexpected Return of ‘Duck and Cover’ 

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When I was in elementary school in the late 1960s, we practiced “duck and cover” drills. Air raid sirens were tested one Friday per month at 10 am. When they went off, we were to dive under our school desks.

This would have been as effective as today’s absurd use of cloth facial masks to stop Covid.

Sixty years ago, in 1951, Ray Maurer and Anthony Rizzo produced a film for the federal government’s Civil Defense agency in response to Soviet nuclear tests. Featuring an animated turtle named Bert and real-life schoolchildren from New York, the film, Duck and Cover, became an icon of the Cold War, seen by many as evidence of the absurdity of the government’s response to the nuclear threat. Against the threat of a nuclear attack, how much good would diving under a desk really do? Originally aimed at teaching children how to respond to a surprise nuclear strike, by the 1980s Duck and Cover was a piece of 1950s kitsch, mocked in such anti-nuclear films as The Atomic Cafe.

Source: The Unexpected Return of ‘Duck and Cover’ – The Atlantic

Our technocratic elite engages in make believe propaganda messaging so that we can feel like we are doing something, even when a moment’s thought reveals it is useless.

Consider the pandemic. This pandemic lasted about 2 years – historically, pandemics end on their own at 1 to 3 years. In other words, nothing they had us do made a bit of difference. This pandemic ended almost entirely on its own.

At 2+ years into “15 days to flatten the curve”, they told us if we wore face masks, this pandemic would be over within weeks. They fucking lied and they knew they were lying. In my high compliance (94%) mask wearing Blue state, we are today, in my County, finding 4 out of every 5 people (80%) has had a case of Covid. 1 in 4 have confirmed positive test results – with estimates that 3x to 5x more actually had it but did not get tested. Our epidemiology “non pharmaceutical interventions” or NPIs were utterly useless and accomplished nothing.

These illusions were propaganda messaging intended to make us believe we had control over a situation.

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