I have abandoned all Russian social media content creators

I have abandoned all Russian social media content creators

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I feel like I may have been duped and fell for Russia’s social media propaganda campaign that waged a propaganda campaign using ordinary Russians.

How can we tell? We can’t.

I enjoyed watching content from Eli from Russia, Russian Plus, Different Russia, Yeah Russia (recently renamed to Natasha’s Adventures) and many more on Youtube.  They are likely fine people who are opposed to Putin’s violence. But how can we know anymore? Anything and everything seems to have turned into propaganda.

Putin has destroyed 30 years of good will that was created after the Cold War. Never again can I view Russia as I had in recent years. The Russian people will suffer horribly because of these actions. 

For now, and hopefully only temporarily, I have unfollowed/unsubscribed to a dozen Russia-based content creators, on Youtube and Instagram.

A few content creators have posted comments opposed to the invasion of Ukraine while some have said they did not feel they have freedom to express their true thoughts. Several have said they are very stressed, and one, and older content creator, did not say anything specific but she was obviously sad and lacking in her usual energy. She said the streets in her neighborhood have become empty and no one is talking to one another. It was clear she did not feel she could express her true thoughts.

I read today that an estimated analyzed inflation rate for Russia is now an astounding 61% – and their GDP may shrink by -35% through mid-year, down by -7% for the year. This is devastating to everyone.

I will likely re-follow them in the future once the situation is resolved and they have had an opportunity to express opposition to violence.

NOTE – it is NOT appropriate to write hateful comments on the posts and videos of these Russian social media influencers. Most of them appear to be as strongly opposed to the invasion of Ukraine as the rest of the world. But several have said they cannot publicly speak their minds. The individuals are undoubtedly not at fault and have no influence over these matters. Do not encourage more hate of anyone – we need the opposite of hate. We need understanding, dialogue and hope – and to develop friendships, not wars.

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