It’s time for the annual Happiest Country in the World Scam Report

It’s time for the annual Happiest Country in the World Scam Report

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Here’s the video clip version – this year it is Finland.

This is because the metrics that are used “define happiness as ‘lives in a place like a Scandinavian country‘”.

The exercise is bogus and the happiest country designation is fiction.

I have explained this in exhaustive detail here.

Keep in mind, the “survey” does not measure happiness – instead, it measures various economic and demographic concepts of “well-being” and pretends this is a measure of “happiness”. These values are thrown into the Stat-O-Meter, weighted with one another, and out pops a single number. Each country is then ranked by that single number valuation.

The difference between the top countries is negligible. In fact, most of the countries of Europe, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, and most of South and Central America also qualify as very happy countries.

Every year, the media engages in this bogus charade of happy fake news about this, never noting that it is an annual scam.

Note – Finland is not, technically, a Scandinavian country but is commonly associated with Scandinavia by many. Scandinavia is associated with Norway, Sweden and Demark – the countries having common Norse language heritage (Iceland can almost qualify by that definition too). Finland is part of the “Nordic countries”, together with Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Faroe and Åland islands, and Greenland. I am aware of this – as of today, I have been studying the Norwegian language for about 9 months (“Jeg har studert norsk i ca 9 måneder”), as well as reading up on culture and history (this has to do with my own family history).


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