Kremlin “kids” grow up in the countries their parents say are evil

Kremlin “kids” grow up in the countries their parents say are evil

Theirs is a world of private jets, posh Parisian apartments, Austrian ski vacations and schooling at elite universities in London and New York.

Their parents own prime real estate on the most exclusive avenues of Europe’s capitals. Their social media profiles are filled with designer dresses and red-carpet events. One young woman posted photos of her 22nd birthday, poolside at the Adriatic Sea villa of one of Putin’s oligarchs.

Meet the kids of the Kremlin.

While their parents publicly rail against the West, their kids grow up in the very countries whose societies they claim to reject.

“It is obviously extreme hypocrisy,” said Daniel Treisman, a professor specializing in Russian politics at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Source: Kremlin-connected children grew up in the very countries whose societies their parents claim to reject – CNN

People readily believe their own propaganda. Russian officials denounce the West while simultaneously sending their kids to universities and jet set lifestyles in Europe and the U.S.

It is no longer just the elite who are internationalists with global experience. Basically, 100% of those in U.S. white collar jobs that move up in their organizations have had international experience. If not, then they will not move up. We live in a globalized world and those who are globalized will benefit and those who are not globalized will not benefit.

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(93% of adults with a college degree have traveled internationally. Up to 1 in 3 U.S. residents were born abroad, studied, lived and/or worked abroad at some point in their lives.)


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