California bill proposes to discipline doctors who say anything other than “contemporary scientific consensus”

California bill proposes to discipline doctors who say anything other than “contemporary scientific consensus”

But the “consensus” is a constantly moving target:

There is a new bill making its way through the California Legislature that could punish doctors for straying from “the contemporary scientific consensus” for COVID-19: California’s AB 2098 would discipline physicians for disseminating or promoting “misinformation” or “disinformation” as it relates to COVID-19.

Source: Calif. wants to listen in at your next doctor’s appointment

  • WHO said there is no evidence that Covid-19 spreads between humans.
  • WHO said Covid-19 was not an airborne virus.
  • CDC said masks do not work when used by the general public.
  • CDC said you should use random bits of cloth to assemble a cloth facial covering.
  • Eventually, it was decided cloth facial coverings do not work and you should use an N-95 respirator mask.
  • WHO said children under 6 should not wear a mask; CDC says children age 2-5 should wear masks.
  • Vaccines are 95% effective – until they were not.
  • Lockdowns work! Except they didn’t.
  • Just 15 days to flatten the curve – became – two years later – just 15 booster shots to flatten the curve!

What could possibly go wrong with having the California Medical Board censor speech?

This becomes Trust by Coercion – from a group (public health) that among many, has lost all credibility.

Science depends on skeptical inquiry to make advances – which includes physicians sometimes trying out new ideas with their patients. California would ban skepticism on medical topics. We would still be back at Covid-19 is not an airborne virus… if not for permitted skepticism.

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