Is all politics disinformation?

Is all politics disinformation?

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Would this be censored by the new Disinformation Governance Board?

Offical White House Tweet on May 12, 2022 – On January 20th, 2021, “there was no vaccine available”?

(The official tweet appeared here)

According to my state’s public health authority, as of January 20, 2021, 7.1% of the state’s entire population had received at least one dose of vaccine, refuting the claim “there was no vaccine available”

But the claim is worse than that – President-elect Biden receive his SECOND dose on about January 11, 2021:

This is bizarre misinformation. Why did they put out this tweet, which is easily refuted?

Update: After being called out on the erroneous tweet, the White House says they meant to say “vaccines were not widely available”, although considering that 7+% of my state already had one dose on board, their word-smithing does not cut it either. While initially restricted by age, occupation, or living and health conditions – this surprisingly covered about half the population! It was just a dumb claim to make: Someone simply made a ridiculous claim.

The second part of the tweet is newspeak – after firing millions in 2020 due to (mostly) ineffective pandemic policies, some of those lost jobs have been replaced. It seems a stretch to say 8.3 million jobs were “created” when we were restoring those which were destroyed by government policies.

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