Social media companies investigated after mass shooting

Social media companies investigated after mass shooting

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The investigations will focus on ​platforms that may have been used to stream, promote or plan the attack.

Source: New York AG opens investigation on social media companies after Buffalo shooting

Hmmmm. The shooter was known to the police, in advance. He apparently posted his intentions, online, in advance, and then streamed his shooting spree.

He had previously been involuntarily hospitalized by the NY State Police, for psychiatric evaluation, but was released. They couldn’t find anything – but social media companies must be able to from online posts.

I do think there are problems with people doing stupid things for social media fame – like Trevor Jacob or the Red Bull plane swapping stunt that crashed a plane. All for social media. This guy seems to have done the same, as have others. But it seems social media might not be the prime problem in this case.


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