Sad story, sad reporting

Sad story, sad reporting

The story lead attempts to link his death from Covid to schools being open. In fact, schools were closed when he contracted Covid-19 rendering this juxtaposition of phrases as 100% pure propaganda messaging:

When the Florida governor sparked outrage by calling students and teachers back to schools in July 2020, Jimbo Jackson pushed back. He died after a two-year struggle.

Source: Florida Principal Jimbo Jackson, Who Fought Gov. DeSantis Over In-Person Learning, Dies of After COVID Battle

That is crappy propaganda reporting, spinning a story over someone’s grave. Jackson was an awesome individual who deserve better than to have his death used for political spin.

Here’s a local news story that makes no attempt to spin.

This is reminiscent of the original social media propaganda poster that resulted in my starting this blog. That original poster strung together 3 factual statements – which were actually not connected with one another – to lead you to a false conclusion.

The fake news report about Jimbo Jackson, way above, works, like the original linked above, because of “anchoring” and “logical fallacy”.

The first statement anchors your thinking to opening schools resulted his death due to Covid. Everything after that is a logical fallacy implying these items were connected.

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