The media hyped chaos that did not happen

The media hyped chaos that did not happen

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By midday Monday, fewer than 1,000 flights were delayed in the U.S.

Earlier in the weekend, airlines had canceled hundreds of flights while more than 10,000 were delayed.

Source: U.S. flight disruptions finally ease as the holiday weekend winds down

They spent the past two weeks telling us that airline travel was in total chaos and the 4th of July weekend would be a total meltdown.

it was not.

They then began lumping “delayed” flights into with the “canceled” numbers – so that a few hundred canceled flights became “10,000 delayed or canceled”, where delayed means “by more than 15 minutes”.

Not sure that is “chaos”?

In May, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam had a total meltdown related to a combination of staffing issues, weather and wind direction, and that a runway was closed for maintenance.

A week later, I flew into that airport and were off the plane and through passport control in about 30 minutes. We bought a sandwich, a rail card, took care of banking – and arrived by train at our destination city within 90 minutes of arrival!

On our departure day, we were through security and passport control in just under 60 minutes. There were lots of staff helping guide passengers and answer questions. Everyone we interacted with from two police officers to airport staff, to airline and security staff were superb – friendly, professional and helpful.

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