Trust in news collapses to historic low

Trust in news collapses to historic low

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Loss of trust in the news media has nothing to do with the quality, accuracy, truthfulness, endless speculative reports ….

The erosion of trust in media is one of the most significant signs of deepening polarization in America.

Source: Trust in news collapses to historic low

Unlike social media and blogs, the MSM “fact checks”:

  • Data and experts suggest the public struggles to distinguish fact-based journalism from opinion content online.

  • The standards used by traditional media outlets — like fact-checking, bylines, datelines, and corrections — have not been fully-adopted by online news commentators on blogs, podcasts and social media.

Journalists have no opinions, only facts.

Read what scientists say about this professional journalist produced item on Covid:

Get Ready for the Forever Plague | The Tyee” 

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