Oregon Supreme Court says businesses can sue those who post online reviews

Oregon Supreme Court says businesses can sue those who post online reviews

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Specifically, Oregon distinguishes between “journalists” who receive enhanced protection for lawsuits, and citizens, who do not have the same free speech protections.

The state’s highest court declined to extend certain free speech protections available to the media to ordinary people, batting down arguments that anyone with an internet connection and an opinion now acts as a journalist.

Source: Online reviewers in Oregon on notice: Supreme Court declines to offer ordinary people higher media protection from libel suits – oregonlive.com

As we’ve seen in spades the past 2 1/2 years, the public is viewed as a  “peon” class – and should be subservient to the “expert” class of technocratic elites. This Court ruling furthers that goal if keeping the public silent.

Oregon also provides a free speech guarantee to all public sector workers – but not to the private sector. This means a public sector worker is free to say anything they want about politics and policies. Public sector employees cannot be subject to critique, performance review or any other negative consequences due to their political views.

That sounds good – except this protection is extended to private sector workers. The effect is lopsided public discourse – public sector workers can be politically active while many private sector workers cannot. This selection bias, in turn, may warp the perspective of political activities in the state. “One side” gets to present its case while “the other side” may not be able to respond.

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