Gen Z watching Tiktok

Gen Z watching Tiktok

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Kids and teenagers are watching an average of 91 minutes content on Chinese short-video platform TikTok daily compared to just 56 minutes on Google-owned YouTube globally, new data has shown.

Source: Kids, teens spending more time on TikTok than YouTube globally: Report | Business Standard News


Google Says Young People Using Instagram and TikTok To Search | PetaPixel

Rather than searching for, say, Mexican food restaurants on Google, Gen Z searches for this on TikTok.

Youth want “visual rich” content and search results.

TikTok is eating into Google search, maps, Youtube, and FB’s Instagram viewing minutes.

As competitors respond to Tiktok’s threat, we will see far more short form videos, often featuring young women (not long ago, about 75% of the content on Tiktok was posted by females). Everything turns into eye candy. Not sure this is a good idea but it is what it is.


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