Government gets around 1st Amendment via Censorship by proxy

Government gets around 1st Amendment via Censorship by proxy

The CDC, FDA, White House pressured social media and tech companies to censor those who offered up information different than the official government line. This was confirmed from an initial batch of released government emails.

In some instances, physicians and scientists who shared links to peer reviewed papers saw their Twitter accounts suspended or terminated.

Some of these actions occurred at the direction of the Executive Branch. It’s called censorship via proxy. It is likely unconstitutional.

In many cases, the “misinformation” that led to suspension was later found to be true and accurate – but the accounts of these individuals were never restored. Effectively, the CDC shut down discussion and forever silenced many people. See some background here by one of the attorneys who is now involved in this.

The Executive Branch also requested that Google remove or de-emphasize links to information that the CDC disagreed with (at the time). The CDC also purchased ads on Facebook with the CDC’s desired messaging – but hid that the CDC was the source of the ad.

A lawsuit has now been filed against the Federal government agencies that did this alleging censorship by the government. The suit has, I understand, proceeded to the “discovery phase” – with more internal documents and emails likely to become public.

For some of us, these actions cross a line – we will never again be able to trust the words of public health “experts” (almost all of whom work for the government). Rule by technocratic elite, as we have done the past 2 1/2 years has devolved into the Communist approach of rule by centrally planned committees of experts, and direct censorship and “canceling” of anyone who questions the authorities. This, in fact, is the end of democracy – not all the noise and threats made by politicians over voting irregularities.

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