What could possibly go wrong? World Economic Forum proposes automated, AI-based censorship of online “misinformation”

What could possibly go wrong? World Economic Forum proposes automated, AI-based censorship of online “misinformation”

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As the internet has evolved, so has the dark world of online harms. Trust and safety teams (the teams typically found within online platforms responsible for removing abusive content and enforcing platform policies) are challenged by an ever-growing list of abuses, such as child abuse, extremism, disinformation, hate speech and fraud; and increasingly advanced actors misusing platforms in unique ways.

The solution, however, is not as simple as hiring another roomful of content moderators or building yet another block list. Without a profound familiarity with different types of abuse, an understanding of hate group verbiage, fluency in terrorist languages and nuanced comprehension of disinformation campaigns, trust and safety teams can only scratch the surface.

A more sophisticated approach is required. By uniquely combining the power of innovative technology, off-platform intelligence collection and the prowess of subject-matter experts who understand how threat actors operate, scaled detection of online abuse can reach near-perfect precision.

Source: The solution to online abuse? AI needs human intelligence | World Economic Forum

I was taught in high school that our First Amendment in the U.S. prohbits the government from controlling the free flow of speech, because without it, who would have the right to decide what we can say?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google have demonstrated they are authoritative technocratic elite who are smarter than us peons. They have become the gate keepers of discourse. Twitter routinely censors highly qualified experts who share peer reviewed studies, slides from U.S. government agencies that contain evidence opposing current government guidelines – by hiding the post, prohibiting comments, likes or shares of the post, by restricting the account until the post is deleted, or suspending the account entirely.

How is Twitter a more authoritative decision maker than an MD, PhD whose tweet quoting a government funded peer reviewed study?

Now, the WEF proposes the world needs an automated global censor.

It’s as if the conspiracy theorists might have been correct – they suggested climate change theories were geared to establish global socialism (even Marxism). When that didn’t work, the conspiracy theorists suggested the technocrats turned to public health technocratic elite (the central committees of Marxism).

And then the WEF proposes this – it’s as if the conspiracy theorists might have been on to something and the rest of us should start listening?

Note – in November of 2016, I posted actual price quote snapshots of Affordable Care Act health insurance policies. In some geographic locations, a married couple earning $68,000/year had to pay over $50,000 to obtain an ACA Silver policy. Twitter shadow banned my account for sharing screen shots of official US government health exchange price quotes. I went from adding ten new followers per week, on average, to zero. I did not add any additional followers after that, for months. Twitter is an Orwellian censorship platform of political activists. Twitter is garbage.


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