Bad news sells

Bad news sells

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ASU did a survey of financial journalists. They found that accuracy and depth were high priorities to those reporting on finance and business sectors.

But, they also know that “unfavorable news” sells.

Eighty-three percent of the survey respondents said it was important to them to hold companies accountable with journalism, while many believed unfavorable articles were more likely to attract readers.

Source: What motivates financial journalists | W. P. Carey News

Last week I watched a funny TikTok video that I presume was from an Australian comedy TV show. It was titled: “Breaking News: Everything is awful!”. As the news anchor went live to each of the field reporters, each had nothing but doom and gloom and, well, everything was awful! There was no positive news anywhere!

This constant drone beat of negativity has bad effects on population mental health. Just look at social media to see how many people are in a state of perpetual outrage, fear and anxiety. This is not healthy – and it’s caused by mass media news reporting.

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