Begging the Question fallacy: U of O says “This is not who we are”

Begging the Question fallacy: U of O says “This is not who we are”

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After a large group of students engaged in a vulgar cheer targeted at a religion, the U of O has apologized and issued the usual “Begging the Question” fallacy statement. A lot more background and examples on the Begging the Question fallacy.

After demonstrating who they are, they now say this is not who they are:

But we take great pride in creating a welcoming, respectful place, workplace environment for everybody. Unfortunately a few individuals decided to chant some offensive remarks. That is not who we are. That is not what we stand for. We take it very seriously.

Source: Oregon Ducks athletic director Rob Mullens apologizes for vulgar, anti-Mormon chants during football game with BYU: ‘That is not who we are’

Another example:

For example, when UAL inappropriately and violently removed Dr. David Dao from an airline flight, causing a long-lasting traumatic brain injury, their CEO asserted “This is not who we are”, immediately after demonstrating that this is indeed who they are.

I have a lot of posts and more examples of the Begging the Question fallacy.

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