Politics: Controversy over newly elected PM Giorgia Meloni

Politics: Controversy over newly elected PM Giorgia Meloni

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I know little about newly selected Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. In response to her election, YouTube deleted videos of a speech she gave in 2019 (since restored).

Her political party is named the Brothers of Italy and is a split off from the party of a previous Prime Minister. “FdI’s main ideological trends are conservatism, nationalism, nativism, Euroscepticism, and opposition to immigration.” [FdI are the party initials, in Italian.]

Some academics accused her and her party of being fascists; she replied that Italian Fascism is gone, and “…said she shared the experiences and values of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, Likud in Israel, and the Republican Party in the United States.” Meloni is the first woman elected as Prime Minister. The controversy, however, is that some party members have supported past fascists or symbols of fascism. Meloni has said there is “no place for fascist nostalgia”. She holds anti-immigration views, anti-globalization views, and is opposed to “Gender ideology” and opposes same sex couples adopting children. She says she does not wish to touch Italy’s abortion law but those who oppose her claim she will seek to ban abortions.

These are values held by some on the right but are not fascist views unto themselves.

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President Biden responded by saying a democratically elected prime minister, selected by the public she represents, is anti-democracy. He seems to say that if the public elects someone he disagrees with, then that is a threat to democracy. What? That is, in fact, actual democracy and how democracy works.

From the White House:

Anyone other than “Democratic governors” getting elected is anti-democracy, he says. Which is bizarre.

* Fascism is a term applied to anyone you disagree with. It no longer means much.

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