Cherry picking: Everyone wants to spin the story

Cherry picking: Everyone wants to spin the story

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I wrote about the horrible attack on Paul Pelosi over here.

Everyone wants to spin the story – and the favorite is to say the attacker is a right wing, MAGA hat wearing, Trump sympathizing, extremist, radicalized by social media.

Here’s an example:

What’s left out?

  • The attacker is Canadian.
  • He fathered two children with a Russian immigrant woman.
  • He and her are both advocates of public nudity.
  • They fly a BLM banner, and LGBQ rainbow flag at their home, and have symbols representing marijuana hanging from a front yard tree.
  • He is known for being a drug addict
  • He was formerly (and perhaps still) a member of the Green Party.
  • His former partner in life, currently in prison, says their lifestyle was progressive.

Does that sound like an anti-immigrant, religious, right-wing supporter?

Maybe he was left wing then right wing, or maybe he holds views from both or perhaps the attacker is a mentally ill, very confused, drug addict? 

See how cherry-picking facts can create an argument and conclusion that maybe incorrect?

Separately, this is like how every famous public health activist who got Covid spun their story to blame others – and every time, the source of their Covid was the very thing they have been railing about.

  • If this activist pushed masks, then the source was someone not wearing a mask.
  • If this activist pushed school closures, the cause was due to school contact.
  • If this activist pushed work from home, the cause was because they had to go into the office.
  • If this activist pushed for restaurant closures, the case was due to stopping at a restaurant.

Each activist cherry picks their hot button topic as the source of their infection.

In reality most of us will never know how we got Covid (I’ve had it). We can speculate endlessly but the reality is everyone will eventually get this highly contagious respiratory virus, probably several times. We will never know from where we got it. But we can cherry pick our way to any story we want!

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