Airbnb host threatened $10,000 fee to guests who wrote a negative online review

Airbnb host threatened $10,000 fee to guests who wrote a negative online review

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Price booked the rental, but on the way there, something made him read the host’s rules more carefully and he noticed No. 16: “Guest may not leave a negative review in online (digital) forums if the guest has violated this rental agreement. Guest agrees to pay Homeowner a $10,000 penalty should guest violate this rental agreement and then post a negative review on any online (digital) forum.”

Source: NC Airbnb property threatened $10,000 fee for negative review – WSOC TV

Posted this here because of how it influences online reviews.

We recently planned a trip somewhere and looked into Airbnb rentals. There were lots of properties available but … their prices, when including the service and cleaning fees that were attached to the final price – made no sense. It was substantially cheaper for us to stay in a name-brand, very nice hotel.

Today, Airbnb announced that starting next month, listings will be offered in order of total, actual price (including all the fees). Airbnb will start restricting the “chores” that some hosts were mandating, asking guests to put the trash out, mow the lawn, clean the bathrooms, strip beds and wash the linens – in addition to high cleaning fees. Airbnb offerings were making little sense for those staying less than a week or two.

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