Propaganda comes to restaurant menus

Propaganda comes to restaurant menus

A little more information on restaurant menus could encourage people to choose meals with a lower climate footprint, according to a new study, which found that adding climate impact labels to foods was an effective strategy to reduce red meat consumption.

Source: Beef burger or fish sandwich? Climate labels on menus can encourage people to eat less red meat, study shows | CNN

To be fair, all restaurant menus are designed to encourage your purchase of higher profit items. They use techniques of persuasion or propaganda to steer your selections.

Now, however, there are proposals to design restaurant menus to cause you to act against “climate change”.

To drive home this point, CNN engages in the propaganda technique known as “lying”. Their link goes to a study/model claiming that one-third of global green house emissions are due to the “Food system”. CNN then falsely links that 1/3 to “red meat consumption” but the reality is that eating vegetarian has very little impact on your personal carbon emissions.

Taking all this into consideration, for those in the industrialized world, eating vegetarian, on average, reduces your carbon emission equivalent by just 2%.

Thus, we are now turning restaurant menus into propaganda messaging to eat vegetarian under the false claim of significant carbon emissions reductions.

Where we are headed:

  • Within a few years, the sale of gas fueled vehicles will be outlawed (the laws are already in place in many areas)
  • Within a few years, the raising of meat animals will be banned. Saxo Bank of Denmark suggests a country will become the first to ban meat as soon as 2023.
  • Toll roads are becoming widely adopted and will be used to control your mobility. In a related vein, governments are adding per mile taxation, not just for EVs but potentially all vehicles. The government will know where you have been.
  • Airlines are doubtfully ever going to be able to go to “zero Carbon” (which is a pointless goal unto itself) – the result will be application of carbon taxes that will eventually make air travel very expensive.
  • Within 10 years these impacts will lead to travel of all forms becoming limited to the wealthy elite class.

Covid taught many of us that the world is filled with authoritarians and technocratic elite who are smarter than us and know better than us how to lead our lives. The elite will be in charge and will continue to have the freedom to do as they wish – but the rest of us will see sharply declining lifestyles enforced by those in positions of power.

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