Rep.-elect George Santos: How to be an idiot

Rep.-elect George Santos: How to be an idiot

Rep.-elect George Santos of New York (R)

Source: N.Y.’s Rep.-elect George Santos admits to lying about resume, says he’s ‘not a criminal’

He admits he is a liar but defends it by saying he didn’t commit any crimes (Why should we believe that?)

Update: After adding additional lies to the list, above, has George Santos uttered a single accurate statement in his life?

More: New York Republican George Santos’s Résumé Called Into Question – The New York Times (

I am hoping this whole thing turns out to have been a huge parody and satire demonstrating how absurdly looney the political process has become. I can hope, anyway.

People like George Santos are our elite ruling class – lying jerks. He openly defrauded the voters of New York. But he’s not the only one telling lies – remember Sen. Warren (fake native American), Donald Trump (I’d need a bigger blog), U.S. intelligence officials, the FBI, even Biden’s lies about the tragic death of his first wife, and so many more – or the lengthy list of figures that lied about their situations during Covid?

Rep. Santos thinks there is nothing wrong with lying – and most of the country is now so numb that no one sees a problem with this.

  • How did no one in the media notice these lies before the election?
  • How did no one in the Democratic Party opposition research group not notice the lies of this Republican candidate?
  • Republican leadership allegedly knew his back story was not true, but they didn’t care?
  • At this point in history, why do we trust anyone or anything?


In the bizarre world we live in today, lying about your resume is now – apparently – expected and considered the norm:

Therefore, for the record, just so you know, wink wink,

  • I graduated from high school at age 12
  • Earned a degree in computer science from the Unv of California at age 16
  • Later completed MD and PhD degrees, worked for the CIA for 30 years, breaking into Russian computer networks, then worked for Microsoft for 37 years, retiring at age 29 with a billion dollars in stocks. Today I am a B-777 captain flying international routes all over the world.
  • I am also Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, LDS.
  • I am also CIS straight, gay, trans, and lesbian.

I might have missed a few things. There might be a little embellishment here. Hard to say.

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