Science is omnipotent and not to be questioned

Science is omnipotent and not to be questioned

“It’s very dangerous,” Fauci told MSNBC. “A lot of what you’re seeing as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science, because all of the things that I have spoken about consistently from the very beginning, have been fundamentally based on science.”

Source: Fauci says attacks on him are ‘attacks on science’

I am currently reading a 1953 book by Eric Hoffer titled “The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements”. In it, he mentions how many had come to view science as omnipotent, and something that may not be questioned.

This is literally turning science into religion and a religious belief system – questioning religious beliefs or practices leads to being labeled blasphemous and a heretic.

Questioning the belief system is not permitted.

I thought of this in context of Fauci’s bizarre comments in 2021 – that questioning him was tantamount to questioning science itself, with the obvious implication being that it is not permitted to question (the God) Science.

Those who question are quickly labeled “anti-” or “-deniers”. This behavior extends well beyond public health – today one cannot question the climate change meme without being labeled a “denier”, a term intentionally selected to make you think “Holocaust denier”. Thus, the intent is that if you question anything, you are to be immediately associated with “Holocaust denier” and that you are almost certainly a Nazi too.

If you step back a few feet and observe these behaviors, soon, everything starts to look suspiciously like program to influence your thoughts and behavior for someone else’s benefit. Literally, a propaganda campaign of persuasion not necessarily based on facts and logic but appeals to emotional responses for the purpose of manipulation.

After the past 3 years of public health flip flops, mist-statements, over confidence and outright lies, after awhile, everything starts to look like a power trip by authoritarian technocratic elite intent on imposing their views on everyone else – even when the evidence is thinner than they publicly admit. The likely reason is the meme has become their own gravy train, while influential people (think industrialists and billionaires) have figured out how to profit through government mandates. It’s a nice deal if you can jump on board.


In the linked interview, above, Fauci lied.

In the early days of the pandemic, when researchers were still learning about asymptomatic transmission, Fauci said he was simply following the science that was known at the time, he said in the interview.

There was a mask shortage back then and little evidence showing that the face covers worked at stopping COVID-19 from spreading outside of hospitals, he said.

But when new research emerged, he changed his stance and advocated for wearing masks, he said.

Did you watch the pea under the thimble? He went from a shortage of certified face masks to telling people to wear random bits of cloth – literally, we were told to make masks out of old t-shirts and pillow cases or bed sheets. THERE WAS NEVER A SHORTAGE OF HOME-MADE CLOTH FACE MASKS. Fauci hoped you would not notice his pivot from a shortage of certified masks to cloth masks.

There was never, ever, a shortage of face masks assembled from random bits of cloth by individuals using random designs shared on the Internet. Ever.

Furthermore, in late 2022 Fauci was asked in a legal deposition to cite the new research on masks that magically appeared over a 3 day period from the end of March to the first few days of April 2020. He has, so far, failed to identify this research.

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